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Between Money and Education


well yesterday or today, we believe in a mission:

only, because every belief will die without a cult, and because the cult is usually

is the child of ignorance, the belief that too easily becomes the bottleneck.

there is nothing strange in that noble mission. but increasingly it appears that the mission was too

great for us, or we are too small for him. apparently, one of the reasons was

shift in economic conditions - political.

thinkers like the late Ernest Gellner (1983), for example, saw schooling as

how mensosialisaikan (mendidikkan) to a new generation of the wisdom, skill

and how to act it takes to live a community of political, economic and

certain cultural. Gellner was not speaking normative, but descriptive. only, for he

the relevant question is interesting: why institutional schooling began to develop into

mass is only since the advent of modern nation states (modern nation state) at the beginning

the 19th century?

the answer is two.

First, school education is a way to use institutional leaders

nation state to inculcate the culture of political community that they aspired goals. in

this, teaching history, geography and language is the key.

second. schooling are the implications of organizing a new society

functionally required by the political economy of modernity, industrialism and the

capitalism), especially the second subject was central to understanding what is being

take place today. industrialization demanded labor force that can be mutually

replace (interchangeable). If you are an accountant and you're sick, vacation, severance

or retirement, the continuity of the performance of the industry require the presence of the person who prepared replacing. and it is only possible when people are people too understand accounting. or

almost all the guidelines work in an office machine / plant is given in writing. the work

run the machine demands that literacy workers. This depiction may

sounds cruel. but here's the direct link between schooling and industrialism.in the process of course involved a variety of things, including what is commonly called "value

"(Valeu). Before we launched a range of normative agenda, it helps us

understand the current conditions surrounding education today. here primarily

will be appointed politico-economic conditions profoundly affect the conditions

education, namely a shift in philosophy and political economy and material revolution.

material revolution

a material revolution is going on, McVey (1992) kuang more call

"materialization of culture". A similar revolution occurred in the entire region east asia.

Sanica Academia (1993) a research institute in Taiwan, called it "the middle class

The new "Richard Robinson (1996) calls it" the new rich in Asia ".

iklan.ex revealed in, for example in the ad, Association of

investment trust on display in various cities of the world during March to July

Of 2001. "Love is pointless. Love will not make you money". (Love gossip. Love

will not make money ")

what is the point here is not about "good" or "bad". but a condition of the economy-

politics whether we like it or not, profoundly influential on educational

schools. as the flock phenomenon, the change brings with it a major shift.

school education is no longer primarily be understood in the classical sense as the formation

character and virtue, where the mastery of science, knowledge, skills become

part of it. instead, education is mainly understood as the preparation of children

students to enter the industrial labor market.

once again, what is proposed here merely descriptive portrayal, not judgment

normatif.sebelum see how that process occurs, it helps us recognize the figure of

"philosophy" that supported the revolution.

B. Herry. PriyonoResearchers, alumni of the London School of economic (LSE). England.Sources: Economic Education article

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