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tips and trick learning english

guys, I found this article, which is specially made to feelvery hard to learn English. Apparently there are special tricksThis let me learn English please / heh

Learning English TipsCool to learn English. Well, in this paper youcan get some interesting tips in studyingEnglish language. Please enjoy.Learning English requires a seriousness you know, but ifcontrived fun, it will be very enjoyable. The following tips iini-tips for you yah. May be useful.Learn Every DayTry to mengelokasikan few moments each day toyour lesson, ideally when your brain is able to receiveproperly. Remember, it's better to learn 30 minutes per daythan 3 hours per week. If you can providean hour per day, try to divide it into 2or 3 sessions.Regularly reviewRepeat each lesson several times, eg once inmorning, once during the afternoon and then again a few days later.Give time for your brain to digest the material, butmake sure that the distance between each of the subjects did nottoo long, for example, more than a few weeks. Otherwiseyou probably will forget what you are studying.Make sure that you understand the content of existingbefore proceeding to the next lesson.Focus On The Images

Once you understand the basics of a language,good practice immediately read / write / talk aboutthings that interest you. Iini manner, you will be moreremembering simple words, phrases and grammatical.Bring forget Dictionary? Ms-word aja pake ..Written by ProthelordSaturday, 31 March 2007Create you who are just learning English or alreadymay have confused ngalamin clever alias does not understand the meaninga word in english right? Sure. Well we usuallypake dictionary to find meaning. What if there is no longerdictionary? In this tips you can get a way to make senseEnglish words using a word processorpake often do you .... ms-word!How to do? Easy. The first type words that wouldyou know it means in a ms-word document, may opena new or already existing writings. Once you are surespelling alias bener writing, in block tuh word you wrotemeaning was not understood.Then click Tools and select menu thesaurus. You will be able toview an explanation of the meaning of the word and its equivalent.Of course in English as well, but you usuallycan already nangkep mean really.Oh yes, you can also pake short cut Shift + F7 after theblock to get the same results.Iini very useful tips when you learn English andasked to translate an article. Already, type ms-aja pakeword and the search for meaning using thesaurusnya.

Easy right? May be useful.

Happy music? Manfaatin for learning EnglishWritten by ProthelordFriday, 16 February 2007Glad listened to music? Follow-up of Indonesian Idol, but not yetmanaged to get in? So rather than stress, wear aja tuh make a hobbylearn English. Want to know how? Well read on ....Ye believe not that say that hard to learnsomething that happens because we do not like the same that we studied.Well, actually it can be said so. imagine ajagiini kayak, if you do not like something you usuallyto know more lazy, lazy to take the time,see little immediate problem despair and say "Ahhh,inih difficult. "It's different if you like something, anythingthat happens you'll be trying desperately tounderstand it. For example if you seneng same person,you would have tried to get information about him nomatter how hard is it? Well, it means you are studyingabout the people you senangin it.So, in summary, if you like, that was hard to easyand vice versa. LHA, continues to sing what to do the same?Giini ...If you seneng sing but not very interested in the sameEnglish, try deh you start looking for songsEnglish language. Of course, looking for a good song anddo you like better singer because his voice andlooks. Logically, if you seneng ama song, youwill attempt to emngerti meaning that song right? Well, itindirectly you've enjoyed English becausesong. It's easy ...

Now I will pass on some tips that maycould be useful for you in learning Englishthrough the song:A. Choose a song that you like and of course the singer is alsolah.2. Select a slow song. Why? Because the typically slow songditangkep easier words, find songs that are not wellaccompanying music is too loud.3. Find the text, but first you try to listen to andGuess lyrics, iini will practice the language and logic listeiningyou automatically. Once you try you try to make the lyricscocokin same song you've got. Fit?Nice. You can search for lyrics on the internet, how: googlingaja pake keyword "lyrics ".4. Try to join in singing as closely as possible withsingers, it will train your pronounciation.5. If you find any words that you do not understand, looking directly atdictionary, and pake often as possible in the practice of talking.Usually the song is taken from the words that are often used,so you should be able to try to practice everydaydays. If you have a chance ndak practice, just try to makeown words in your heart. It will help you iiniin remembering the new words you know. Well of siini,mustinya vocab you better.6.last try not to buy pirated, let the sound qualitygood and not make the ears hurt.Ok, just like that first. Do not forget praktekin yach, and hope you canimprov your english. Do not forget to send your comments to us.

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